3 Excellent Keto Restaurants in Boulder, CO

Are you looking for a keto place or some healthy keto food in Boulder, Colorado? We were as well! So we investigated and spent a nice time in front of the Rockies to find some nice keto friendly places.

Fresh Thymes

Fresh Thymes was a nice surprise for us when visiting Boulder. They are not just a simple health conscious restaurant, they are a philosophy in practice. They love the community they built around their keto place. That makes a world of difference with other regular fast food keto options you find here and there.

They have been awarded the Best Gluten Free Restaurant and Best Organic Restaurant Awards in both 2018 and 2019. This comes from the fact that they focus on sustainable cooking and source their products locally in Colorado. Their first 2 years they were also featured in the Good Food 100 List.

Whole foods that taste amazing is our obsession. Gluten-free is a given. Gut health matters. Real food absolutely does make you feel real good, and it’s our prerogative at Fresh Thymes, under the guidance of Chef Christine Ruch, to make every bite a moan-worthy one. Our food is the epitome of ingredient-consciousness. Meaning, every ingredient matters and we are picky-picky-picky with how and what we source, so you can enjoy fully.

Fresh Thymes

And what if I told you that they not only have their lovely restaurant but also a grocery store. Yes, they offer vegan, gluten free and paleo meals and ready made dishes you can pick up. Their sweets are made with high quality unprocessed sugars like Colorado honey and coco sugar. They have a fermentation lab where they ferment all sort of veggies and make spicy kimchi. All these fermented foods are an excellent source of probiotics which facilitate the health of your gut.

At Fresh Thymes Marketplace, you’ll find made-from-scratch gluten-free baked goods and family meals to go as well as slow-cooked bone broth, hand-selected and artisan retail items and gut-healthy ferments.

Fresh Thymes Marketplace

Address: 2500 30th St. #101 Boulder, Colorado

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 9pm

Flower Child

Flower Child is such a happy place where you can discover all the health conscious options for eating keto, palo or gluten free in Boulder, CO.

Their menu is amazing. For example the Mother Earth bowl marries ancient grains, portobello mushrooms, avocado and leafy greens along with a delicious hemp sauce. Or the Teriyaki Shrimp and Avocado Bowl come with organic brown rice, bok choy cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, snap peas, and shiitake mushroom which make them so unique.

We’re on a simple, soul-satisfying mission to spread positively delicious vibes and healthy food in Boulder. Whether you’re craving a taste of our bowls, grains, greens and wraps or looking to refresh with our flavored lemonades, kombucha or organic wine and beer, we’re here to take you to a happy place. We make every last bite on the Flower Child menu from scratch, using farm-fresh ingredients from close to home. That’s our promise to you, whether you’re vegan, paleo, gluten-free or just hungry.

Flower Child, Boulder

Address: 2580 Arapahoe Ave. #110, Boulder, CO 80302

Hours: Every day 11am – 8:30pm


Zeal offers a fresh and healthy food atmosphere in Boulder. Before opening their restaurant the owners were creating their amazing food in their food truck while going through the Boulder area. The opening of the restaurant has been a way to enlarge their offering of delicious food.

Their menu is kind of special. The Zeal Burger comes with a Buckner Ranch grass fed beef burger, sambal aioli, zucchini pickles and golden dome bun with a choice of crispy fingerling potatoes or a side salad. The Mighty Bowl is composed of quinoa, millet, basmati rice with heirloom beans, sprouted mungbeans, chickpeas, pepitas, seasonal veggies, and the souse hot sauce. The Conscious Kale is made of massaged kale, pickled local beets, local root vegetables, apples, toasted seeds, and açaí-moscatel vinaigrette.

At Zeal, we offer the best in food taste and quality in a casual setting. If you have a passion for healthy eating and savor whole fresh ingredients that don’t compromise on creativity and flavor, then Zeal is for you. We take great pride in the food we serve and use organic ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible.


Address: 30th & Pearl at Junction Place, Boulder, CO.

Hours: Unknown as of now.

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