A Delicious Review of Ratio Keto Yogurt

Did you consider buying the Ratio Keto Yogurt but you weren’t sure if you might like it? As we are keto enthusiasts we love to discover new keto products that come available in retail stores. It’s good to know what’s available in your supermarket as this allows to follow a keto diet more easily. So keep reading to find out how the Ratio Keto yogurt competes. Do you want a hint? It’s a good keto pick!

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Ratio Keto Yogurt Nutrition Facts

The nutritional composition for one container of Ratio Keto Yogurt is the following:

  • Total Fat 15g
    • Saturated Fat 6g
    • Trans Fat 0g
  • Cholesterol 35mg
  • Sodium 40mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 2g
    • Dietary Fiber 0g
    • Total Sugars 1g
      • Includes 0g Added Sugars
  • Protein 15g
  • Vitamin D 0%
  • Calcium 10%
  • Iron 0%
  • Potassium 0%
  • Serving size 150g
  • Calories per serving 200 calories
  • Flavors: Vanilla, Coconut,Strawberry, Mango, and Black Cherry

What Are the Ratio Keto Yogurt Ingredients?

One serving of Ratio Keto yogurt is composed of the following ingredients:

  • Pasteurized Ultra-Filtered Nonfat Milk
  • Pasteurized Milk
  • Milk Fat
  • Avocado Oil
  • Natural Flavor
  • Salt
  • Sucralose
  • Bacteria Cultures:
    • L. bulgaricus
    • S. thermophilus

Is Ratio Keto Yogurt Keto-Friendly?

According to the nutritional composition above it is clear that the Ratio Keto yogurt is a keto-friendly option for individuals following a keto diet. One serving of this keto yogurt contains only 2g of carbohydrates among which are only 1g of sugars. We can clearly say that this is a typical low-carb yogurt.

Additionally by looking at the nutritional facts above one can see that the Ratio Keto yogurt contains 15g of proteins and 15g of fats among which there are 6g of saturated fats. This nutritional composition is high in proteins and fats, 15g each. Since this yogurt is also low-carbs, this is a perfect keto-friendly yogurt for anybody embracing the keto lifestyle.

Is Ratio Keto Yogurt Thick?

Compared to a regular yogurt, yes the Ratio Keto yogurt is way more thick. In fact the thickness is similar to a traditional greek yogurt. This is not very surprising since the Ratio Keto yogurt shares the same features as a greek yogurt, i.e. being low in carbs but high in fats and proteins.

So yes, the Ratio Keto yogurt is a thick yogurt. That doesn’t spoil the culinary experience at all thought because this yogurt is soft and creamy. Overall the texture is very satisfying.

Is Ratio Keto Yogurt Lactose Free?

From the ingredients listed above for the Ratio Keto yogurt we can see that it contains 2 kinds of milk:

  • Pasteurized Ultra-Filtered Nonfat Milk
  • Pasteurized Milk

Since it is not specified on the packaging that this keto yogurt is lactose free we can assume that it does contain lactose. In conclusion the Ratio Keto yogurt is NOT lactose free.

Where to Buy Ratio Keto Yogurt?

The Ratio Keto yogurt is distributed at many retail locations and supermarkets. You can very likely find it in your usual grocery store like Walmart, Target, Publix or Kroger.

Please not that the Ratio Keto yogurt is not available in warehouse clubs like Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s because they carry their own keto brands. So it’s better to head up to your regular grocery place to find them.

Does Ratio Keto Yogurt Have Probiotics?

As depicted by the nutritional facts above, the Ratio Keto yogurt contains cultures of live bacteria:

  • L. bulgaricus
  • S. thermophilus

A yogurt that contains live bacteria is yogurt that has probiotics. Probiotics facilitate a healthy digestion as they help your gut process food and metabolize nutrients. So the Ratio Keto yogurt is a rich source of probiotics that will help you digest better.

Ratio Keto Yogurt Review

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